Hosting Support
  • Segmented/DMZ network implementation and maintenance for in-house and data center servers.
  • Self-hosted DNS setup and maintenance.
  • Web server setup and maintenance for Apache and IIS based systems.
  • Standard and secure FTP server implementation and maintenance for IIS, IPSwitch, and others.
  • Turnkey setup and support for third party web hosting providers.
  • Mail, DNS, and web hosting transition, consolidation, and/or integration between hosting providers.
  • Domain name registration, SSL certificate installations, and DNS maintenance.
  • Off-site backup solutions setup and maintenance.
  • Cloud hosting setup and support.
Content Management
  • Turnkey setup of DotNetNuke either on-site or via third party DNN hosting services.
  • Custom skin modification and creation.
  • Module installation, customization and development.
  • DNN platform performance optimization.
  • Turnkey setup of WordPress either on-site or via third party WordPress hosting services.
  • Customization of themes and content.
  • Installations, updates, and minor modifications of WordPress plugins.
  • Updates and/or upgrades of existing CMS systems to enhance features and patch security vulnerabilities.
  • Regular backups of CMS content and installations whether hosted on-site or via third party hosting.
Web Development
  • Clean HTML5/CSS3 SEO compliant content development.
  • Responsive design for seamless mobile and tablet viewing.
  • JQuery, Google API, Twitter Bootstrap, and Yui integration for a richer web experience.
  • Integration of existing standalone content into CMS frameworks, skins, themes, and templates.
  • C# and application development for standalone web applications and web services.
  • Module development in C# and VB.Net for DotNetNuke CMS systems.
  • Database-driven development for, IIS, and MSSQL.